bryans detailing sealant package for new vehicles


Fabric and paint protection for your new vehicle

Protect Your New Vehicle For Far Less Cost

Bryan's Detailing are experts at providing our Sealant Package For New Vehicles service.

If you are an owner of a brand-new vehicle or have plans to purchase one, you should consider securing the paint and interior with this excellent package. Our Sealant Package For New Vehicles includes our Poly Sealer to secure your brand-new vehicle paint from the environment as well as from UV rays. Our methods will produce a shine on the surface like nothing you have ever seen! To maintain complete defense and that slick glossy appearance year-round have us reapply our sealant every year.

Also included in this package is our fabric protection for carpets and upholstery. Our fabric protection is odor-free and void of color and acts as an invisible protective barrier which covers your carpet and seat fibers so a food spill can not soak up into the fibers and cause discolorations. This fabric protection will likewise keep your vehicle's interior cleaner longer as well as make routine vacuuming much easier.

The majority of dealerships charge between $500 to $1000 for a similar protection package! Why pay that? Save money with us as well as have peace of mind that seasoned professional vehicle detailers are handling your new vehicle's sealant package.

A Sealant Package For New Vehicles performed by Bryan's Detailing provides professional grade protection for your vehicle, as described below:

A Sealant Package For New Vehicles Includes

  • Fabric protection
  • Paint protection


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