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Bryan is driven by a passion to help others and to do his very best work, every time.

About Bryan And How Bryan's Detailing Came To Be

BryanBryan always wanted his own business of some type but could never pinpoint what he would be best at. One thing he eventually discovered was that he liked to keep things neat, clean and organized. The first vehicle he ever purchased was a brand new pickup truck which he felt very proud of and was very excited to own. At that point in his life he realized that a new vehicle was a major commitment. It was a lot of money and a large investment for himself. He felt that if he could keep it looking new, he would get his money's worth later on when he would be ready to upgrade.

After graduating high school, Bryan went to MATC and received his associates degree in marketing and small business, hoping that he could eventually apply this training to his own future business.

In the fall of 2007, Bryan was looking for a way to earn a little extra cash on the side. He decided to try cleaning other peoples' vehicles. He would always receive compliments on how amazingly clean his vehicles were, so he thought he would tackle other peoples' vehicles.

His initial goal was to get at least one vehicle a month to clean to help out with his income. All he had at that time was a vacuum cleaner, garden hose and a little electric buffer. After cleaning a couple of vehicles the business blew up by word of mouth. He went from detailing one vehicle a month where today the business averages 42 vehicles, 3 boats, 5 tractors, 2 combines, etc. a month.

bryans detailing shopThe business started in Bryan's driveway and later on evolved into the concept of going to customer's homes or parking lots and performing the detailing on-site. The on-site detailing became so popular with Bryan's customers that he now needed to purchase a trailer. Later, as the weather got cold, the business now needed a shop. The business started out renting a shop for one year in Springfield corners, then renting a shop for one year in Poynette and eventually purchasing a house with a shop in Rio which is where Bryan's Detailing is now located.

Bryan currently has three employees and usually averages about six employees during the spring, summer and fall. He is always looking for help and feels strongly that detailing work is the perfect job experience for young people to get a good and accurate taste of life for the future. You can only learn so much in school or in a book. Bryan believes that it’s the hands-on learning that will help out young adults the most in the future.

Bryan‘s detailing became the success that it is today by performing good jobs in the past. Bryan happily took advice and constructive criticism from past bosses and received detailing advice from other companies in other States. Although hard work and self improvement contributed to Bryan's success, the biggest reason for the success is unquestionably the multitude of loyal customers he has served over the years. Bryan is deeply grateful for all the wonderful customers he has had the privilege to serve in the past, and looks forward to many more in the future.

Bryan's Detailing continues to work hard every day to make every vehicle trusted with his team look as absolutely new as possible. We understand that your vehicle is a large investment and we feel that by keeping it looking new, it will hold it’s value into the future.


Bryan's Detailing, LLC

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